New Zealand!

I don’t quite know how to say it, and you probably already know it, but here goes – JESS AND I ARE MOVING TO NEW ZEALAND!!!

Gives me basement tingles just writing that. In two weeks, we’ll buy our one-way tickets, say our goodbyes and fly from Raleigh to Wellington, where we’ll live on a three year work visa. Have we been to New Zealand? Uh no… it’s like 8,000 miles away!


So how did all this come about? The move is made possible by my employer SAS Institute (recently named by Forbes the #2 best company to work for). After a year in a contract writing gig, a permanent opportunity arose in NZ and boom I was the man for the job. They’ve made relocating a breeze, helping with visas, taxes, flights, etc. Their generosity will be repaid tenfold when I report to that small office in Wellington’s Central Business District.

For Jess, once her employer Allscripts caught wind of the move, they made her an offer on the international sales team, allowing her to work from home in Wellington. Pretty doggone rad. She starts as part-time, leaving heaps of time for enjoying the area’s many beaches, wineries and sheep-shearing competitions.


As mentioned, we’ll be in Wellington – the nation’s capital – situated on the southern tip of the north island. Lonely Planet calls it the coolest little capital in the world. We’ll give you the scoop after we arrive, but when I asked Jeeves, he said it’s a winner for culture, scenic beauty and friendly people. The beer scene is also hopping. We hope to rent a little house with ocean views in one of the hilly neighborhoods near downtown. Dream big man why not!

Leaving friends and family will be a heartbreaker. Truly. You know who you are. We love you more than you know. Nine years we’ve been in Raleigh, and it’s been top shelf and beyond. I already miss the greenways, oak-lined streets and cozy little southern cosmopolitan buzz only Raleigh can bring. A better city would be hard to find.


But we’re not gone yet. The picture above shows the 131-page visa application we submitted to NZ officials last week. That’s like a hundred trees. Assuming our visas are approved, we’ll be gone early February. Until then, let’s get together and toast the future. After all, if you’re reading this, you’re coming to visit. It’s a done deal. Just make it down there. We’ll handle the rest.

And finally, about this blog… Wellington Summer is the sequel to our last blog Girdwood Summer, which documented our 2011 move to Girdwood, Alaska. That summer was perfect beyond words, and in many ways, this move follows in those footsteps. As such, the bloggers within us are coming back to life, so expect a similar avalanche of stories, photos and travels as we begin our Wellington Summer!

3 Comments on “New Zealand!

  1. How can you think about leaving this beautiful Raleigh weather ?????
    We look across the street and ask, What are those crazy kids up to ?????
    We miss you and do hope we can have a “cocktail or two” before you leave.

  2. This is so exciting! If only I was following behind you in this adventure, like your Girdwood Summer! Best of luck and lots of love!

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