An Ode to Raleigh

A very exciting package arrived at our doorstep yesterday. No, not another pair of Sam Edelmans for Jess. Two work visas to New Zealand!

That means it’s go time. Our flight to Wellington is booked for Monday at 5:20 p.m. Wow. We’re leaving this great city in just six short days. In light of this, I thought I’d kick off the goodbyes with an homage to my hometown.

An Ode to Raleigh

Nine years in Raleigh
A city so smitten I am it’s so pretty.
Just take a walk down Oberlin
Or around the swampy ferns of Rocky Branch trail.
Circle the art museum.
It’s not what you make it
It’s been made
By people like Charles Meeker, Greg Hatem
and Sean Wilson

Fly in to oak trees
Not into them silly!
Look out the plane window
Or through your fingers at Fred Fletcher park
Or out the ping pong window at Big Boss
Millions upon millions!
Our quiet magnet
The compass spins and you’re right back home
In the city of oaks.

BBQ nachos at Raleigh Times Bar!
Croquet in the Rose Garden!
I bet the stage is empty.
Slurp a few at 42nd Street OB
Then hit a few at Wil-Mar.
What’s playing at Rialto?
Oh who cares. It’s past three now.
Let the sweat drip to the beat
At the Paramount pool.
Glitz in the shadow of an oak tree.

I’ll remember those gray winter days at Umstead
Just me and the squirrels.

The best part is
It’s friends like family.
Volume up, windows down on the way to the beach!
A blazing sunset in Linville Gorge
A perfect set at Kings
Hopscotch. Hopscotch. Hopscotch.

Five Points you should know.
A burger at Cap Club
A puff at Havanas
A slice at Lily’s
A long walk to your car after midnight.

I found my true love in Raleigh
A city so smitten we are it’s so pretty.
425,000 strong
Feels like a million and one

But if there’s one thing I’ll remember
Raleigh in a nutshell
It’s that greenway bike ride in the fall.
Just me and the squirrels.

Raleigh you were good to me.
I will love you forever.

2 Comments on “An Ode to Raleigh

  1. Ode to Our Wotrings

    Oh Wotrings, our watch-rings
    My thesis, it’s hijacked.
    Stop! Get out, oh thoughts of our Wotrings!
    Focus on the here. The now.
    The words on this page…

    But words. These words.
    I’ll count them all.
    Oui, oui!
    Pub crawls by bike.
    Spotted Dick.
    Run, chug, run.
    And I do…

    Oh thesis. Be patient,
    You sucker of life.
    As I sit here
    Rickety desk chair
    On one day of many
    And ponder the moments, our friendships, the Wotrings.

    Off, be you!
    Explore, our dear Wotrings.
    Climb high!
    Swim low!
    Sing loud!
    Live divine!

    Evoke our fair spirits,
    Our city,
    Our hearts.
    We’ll miss you, dear Wotrings,
    Your zest for life.

    • Em you’re true blue. Thanks for the comment. We’re gonna Miss you.

      On Wednesday, February 5, 2014, Wellington Summer wrote:


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