Our house

Settled at last.

And what a relief it is! Swans and I have been living out of a suitcase since we sold the house in December. Christmas in the mountains, then shacking up with friends and family, and most recently in a tiny extended stay apartment in Wellington.

Today, we signed a one-year lease on a flat in Mount Victoria. Finally, a place to call home.


And what a place! Props to Jess for finding it. Comfy, furnished, walking distance to town … but the views. Man. That’s the Pacific MF Ocean! Just incredible.




I should pause and point out how it went down. The day she toured the place, Jess rolled up to find another couple waiting on the porch for the leasing agent. Competition. We later learned it’s customary to schedule multiple showings at the same time. Once the agent arrive, everybody walked in together, and that’s when shark tank swanson took charge. When the couple stepped onto the balcony, Jess approached the agent (awkwardly I’m sure) and said something to effect of you rent this place to me godammit or find yourself at the bottom of that ocean, you got me? 

Well it worked! Now for the tour.










And finally the most important room in the house … your room!


That’s a big comfy bed with a flatscreen and WiFi. And it’s all yours. Just gotta get down here.

So consider this your official invitation to New Zealand. Stay as long as you like. If you’re the kind of person that works from home (Beef), or gets summers off (Andrea, Sarah), or your inner cheapskate longs to live rent-free (Garth), or you want to say fuck it all and hit the road (North), or you need a honeymoon base camp (Drew & Jess), or you’re forced to flee the country for legal reasons (Chad), or you gave birth to one of us (Sue, Debbie), or you’re a globetrotter with a box to tick (Kelly and Adam), or you work for a newspaper (Bill), or you just love a great adventure (everyone else) … if any of these apply, then get your ass down here!

It’s expensive, I know, but it’s totally worth it. We’ll make sure of that. I’ve added a calendar to the sidebar of wellingtonsummer.com. If you plan to visit, let us know and we’ll reserve the dates for you. Do it!

3 Comments on “Our house

  1. Your place looks AMAZING! I checked out Google’s Street View (http://goo.gl/OogBdj) of your ‘hood; breathtakingly gorgeous. We are VERY happy for you two 🙂
    Thanks for taking us along.

  2. Love it. Looks like the new season of “Real World: New Zealand” except you two kicked everyone out. Matt and I would love to make it down there, I’m hiking the mountains for unclaimed gold as we speak.

    Text or email me your address, so I can send treats and goodies from the states…shhhh or the Eisenhowers shipped US parcel service in a 5 foot box…

    Xoxo Bud Dickel, esq

    • Hi Kelley! I’m sure you and Matt and squeeze into a 5 foot box and a good month on a cargo ship. Just punch lots of holes on the side. I need to start mining for gold here, geeze Louise it’s $$$$, but the price you pay for adventure and beauty. It’s just a blip in time so we have the mindset that we needed to make it count while we are here. Our address is:
      67 Hawker Street, Mount Victoria, Wellington 6011

      Thanks Bud Dickel! xoxo

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