New wheels!

That specimen of raw power and masculinity above is a Sachs Besbi and it’s ours! Bought it used a few weeks back from Scooterazzi in Wellington. It stayed at the shop while we sorted the legalities, and she’s finally in our possession. Neither of us had ridden a scooter before, so you can image our delight these past few days. What a turn-on! Especially around those curvy ocean roads. Man.


We didn’t plan on buying a scooter. But after seeing heaps of them on the road, and considering the hell that is driving in Wellington, the choice became clear. We can walk, bike and bus – sure – but there’s just something about zipping to the store on a scooter. The $7 fill-ups aren’t bad either.

But it’s not all fun and games. In fact, obtaining a motorbike license in New Zealand is quite a hassle. Anything over 50cc (ours is 125) is treated as a motorcycle. So despite it’s unassuming stature, we were forced down the same road to legality as any other bogin on a Kawasaki.


Funny looking back. We were so naive when we strolled into that store, thinking we could just ride off into the sunset. Nope. The first step is passing a basic handling skills test, which is administered at only a handful of locations in town, and book up weeks in advance. Our turn came Saturday with a three-hour beginners course followed by the handling skills test. We were shaky at first, but soon got the hang of it. One of us was so nervous she had to run off and pee the moment we arrived. All told, we passed! We were given the certificate and another clue to the puzzle.


The next step was passing the motor code theory exam. 35 multiple choice questions on who “gives way” to who and what to do if your scooter becomes engulfed in sheep. We missed a few, but in the end, passed this one as well, and were handed our learners license.

So although we’re now street legal, there are restrictions. We cannot ride outside the hours of 6am-10pm, or with a passenger, for example – which is a shame given the Besbi is made for two. However, we’re happy to be on the road. Jess is loving the daytime rides and texting photos of herself enjoying the countryside while I’m stuck in the office. Our next step is a restricted license and then finally our full motorbike license. Meaning that sunset ride isn’t far off. With matching jackets and helmets if Jess has anything to do with it.

10 Comments on “New wheels!

  1. Seriously though. I refuse to read another word until you post about the camper van situaish. You’re on notice.

    • Bought the CV from a couple we know in town. Put half down and will receive full ownership when they move next month. Will post once it’s ours.

  2. Now you two have an idea why people choose to ride motorcycles despite the obvious risk. Fun, isn’t it? 🙂 Looks like a good place to ride so long as those gusting winds don’t scoot you off the road!

    • Thanks for the comment Cody. You’re spot on mate. The wind here is intense, especially on those ocean roads I talked about. Got wobbly on my ride last night! Decided I need to cut back on the pre-ride beer bongs to help stay stable.

  3. Oh, the memories of our new Scooter experience come flooding back. I too ran for the bushes before my lesson started! Be safe, Sue

  4. Congrats, you two! I think your decision to power your ride is a good one. Bicycles make for great exercise but sometimes you just want to get from point A to point B. The steep hills of Wellington can quickly deflate the spirit of even the most avid cyclist.
    I know nothing about Sachs vehicles but do know they make a great engine. Enjoy!

    • Thanks Mark and Sue for the comments! Once again, we follow in your footsteps. Don’t tell my mom, but I agree it’s nice to have a powered ride sometimes… these hills are KILLER. Next I need to take another page from your book and fashion a rack for bringing the besbi with us on campervan excursions.

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