Three months in

We’ve now been in New Zealand for three months, and with the realization that not everything on this blog has to be razzle dazzle, here’s a general update on how our international move is playing out.

In a word, good. Ups and downs of course. Given the stunning beauty of this country, it’s hard not to sensationalize everything. JUNGLES MOUNTAINS OCEANS DOLPHINS MEATPIES. But the truth is, we really miss our friends and family. We constantly talk about who we wish was here. Skype helps. But it’s no substitute for your real and oily faces.

What we lack in company we make up for in adventure. Wellington is gorgeous beyond words. And proven itself safe, edgy, active, friendly, artsy and generally rad – all the reasons we love it. As highlighted on this blog, we’ve gone on some cool trips, and our growing to-do list is like the Mona Lisa staring us in the face.

I wish we could just hit the road, but my job – which is the main reason we moved here – might have thoughts on that. Things at SAS are good. The people are brilliant. I’m starting to move beyond the formalities and make friends. I wish I could fast-forward a year and walk into the office tomorrow with a network of contacts and foundation of knowledge. But short of a time machine, I’m left to slowly learn the business with the realization that one day things will click and I’ll be able to make some big contributions.

Jess is in a similar position, working hard to piece things together at Allscripts, where she’s helping the international sales team expand their footprint in Australia and New Zealand for 20 hours a week at home. She’s currently on the hunt for a part-time job as a means of getting out and meeting people.

Beyond the occasional happy hour, we’ve done several things to engage in our new community. As I write this, Jess is at a drawing class. She assures me the nude model isn’t her type but who knows. We joined a meet-up group called Adventure Wellington. Last week I met for rock climbing and Thursday we’re meeting for a moonlight hike of Mount Kaukau.

Things still feel like vacation to me. To Jess, I think the magnitude of the move has hit home, and as always, her feelings are more advanced on the matter. Despite some gloomy days in April, things seem to be blooming in May. She left me on Saturday for a girl’s night of Japanese food, birthday parties and stand-up comedy. While she was off, I stayed home for a night of marveling at the kiwi language. I’ll save it for another post, but the dialect here is fascinating. A whimsical flurry of strange words and expressions. Yeah nah I meant the capsicum. Sweet as, mate. It’s so great. I’m secretly recording everything my colleagues say to share with you guys some day.

Let’s see, what else … TV is weird. Everything costs a mint. The food is wildly diverse and delicious. Breakfast is $19. Your coffee options are long black or flat white. Biking to work along the ocean is wonderful. Jess cooks a lot. We have a campervan, but I can’t share anything until I get the right picture. I’m obsessed with this. The only animals you really see are birds. People aren’t afraid of great whites but they’re around. As are cuban cigars. Netflix doesn’t work. People are tough and friendly. They exercise in converse all stars. And butter comes only in huge blocks.

So there. The general feeling these days is raw excitement with a touch of homesickness. We’re flying back to Raleigh in July for Jon and Al’s wedding. Can’t wait to see everybody and eat some Justin’s almond butter.

6 Comments on “Three months in

  1. Miss you lots! Can’t wait to see you in July… xoxoxo

  2. Hey Jess & Scott, I’m a kiwi new to Wellington too, a lot of this post resonated with me, it is tough to be away from home. If you guys were keen to meet up for a drink or something at some stage and hang with another Wellington noob that would be cool 🙂

    • Hi Steph! Welcome to Wellington. We would love to meet up! We’re heading to Auckland (any tips?!) until Sunday. What does your week look like next week? Thanks for reading the blog.

      • Awesome, I hope the weather is nice up there! Definitely check out Mission Bay and that area, and Britomart has some awesome restaurants. Pretty much anytime until Thursday is all good for me, we could do a casual after work drink? Have fun in Auckland 🙂

      • Hi Steph,

        We had a great time in Auckland and Coromandel was gorgeous. Would you be ok with getting together next week? We’re pretty booked all the sudden between now and Thur, but would love to get together next week.

      • Sounds like a great trip! yeah next week’s cool, just flick me a message when you’re free 🙂

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