Our trip back to America was legend. Back in Raleigh, we enjoyed a few weeks of familiar faces, oppresive heat, reasonable prices and the wedding of our superfriends Jon Graban and Allison Oakley. Felt natural to return to the old stars and stripes.

I got back to New Zealand last week, and with Jess hanging around the states a wee longer, I found myself alone in Wellington – just me and my new Panasonic Lumix FZ-200 (Good call, Mark). Here’s a few shots from my first stroll back.

P1010037The view from our street. P1010059 (1)Oriental Parade looking out on Wellington Harbor. P1010073Fellow sea gazers. P1010080Wellington Harbor. P1010086Outside Te Papa Museum. P1010096The pick of the waterfront statue litter.
P1010106 (1)Boat crane towering deceptively high over our largest building in the background – the Majestic Centre (381 feet). P1010108 (1)The concrete truth.P1010137Random alley #19 P1010146 (1)A glimpse down Lambton Quay. P1010159Our Burger King is straight up decadent you guys. P1010182Random alley #33 P1010184Kiwi boys ball like Russian oil riggers. P1010191NZ teens gather outside Mt. Victoria’s seminal fish and chips joint.

2 Comments on “DAYWALK

  1. Glad you’re enjoying the camera 🙂 Leica optics and your keen eye make an amazing combo. Great pics. Keep ’em coming.

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