Wellington Summer


I stare at snowy peaks from my office window. Wellington isn’t the most mountains of cities, compared to New Zealand’s south island or the volcanoes up north — but when winter comes, even the 5,200’ peaks of Tararua Forest Park can look majestic with a dusting of snow. And that snow seduces me. I reached my breaking point this week and cold-be-damned put a plan into action for Jess and I to ascend… Read More

We’ve now been in New Zealand for three months, and with the realization that not everything on this blog has to be razzle dazzle, here’s a general update on how our international move is playing out. In a word, good. Ups and downs of course. Given the stunning beauty of this country, it’s hard not to sensationalize everything. JUNGLES MOUNTAINS OCEANS DOLPHINS MEATPIES. But the truth is, we really miss our friends… Read More