Wellington Summer


You’re entering a half told story. Or more accurately one quarter told, as the action picks up on day two of our south island road trip. With me in the car is Jess, my sister Kelly and bro-in-law Adam. Nobody stunk yet. From the port city of Picton we’ve skirted our way down the arid east coast, passing under Kaikoura’s moody skies. Our ears popped as we turned west and climbed into the southern… Read More

Phone, keys, wallet… gone. Swept away along with half the contents of my backpack during a disaster river crossing. Thankfully this didn’t happen, but it could have … if we ignored the DOC ranger who advised us against the Pouakai circuit we had planned for the weekend! We drove to Egmont National Park Friday after work. Five hours in the car with Stephen King’s new audiobook Mr. Mercedes. When we arrived at the… Read More