Wellington Summer


The Wellington section of the New Zealand Alpine Club summited Te ao Whekere in the Seaward Kaikouras over the Queen’s Birthday weekend in spectacular fashion.   At 2590 metres, Te ao Whekere (the world of the gods) is the second tallest peak in the range. Following a cold snap, the mountains wore a fresh coat of snow, transforming the trip from a basic tramp to a class 1 alpine adventure. Joining the… Read More

I just wanna dance this past week was so good! My sister Kelly and her husband Adam came to visit us from Cleveland. Seeing our first visitors step off that plane after nine months alone in New Zealand was like seeing Justin’s almond butter arrive in a care package – 100% nutty joy. After a week of bombing it around Wellington, we grabbed the ferry to the south island for our first foray into… Read More