Wellington Summer


On October 23rd at 11:41am, I found my breaking point. It happened 2100 metres up Mount Hopeless, on a calm spring day, when my climbing partner and I decided enough was enough. I stood breathless as we watched the other members of our group rope up and turn a corner into the void. They were willing to accept the risk. We were not. Truth is, I didn’t expect to summit. I’d heard… Read More

The Wellington section of the New Zealand Alpine Club summited Te ao Whekere in the Seaward Kaikouras over the Queen’s Birthday weekend in spectacular fashion.   At 2590 metres, Te ao Whekere (the world of the gods) is the second tallest peak in the range. Following a cold snap, the mountains wore a fresh coat of snow, transforming the trip from a basic tramp to a class 1 alpine adventure. Joining the… Read More

  I don’t know Tomo but I already don’t like him.  I’m midway through the 18K course at Makara wind farm, race three of XTERRA Wellington’s five-race series. The sun is shining. I’ve just been handed a chocolate fish. But the only feeling that registers comes from a handwritten sign reading “Heartbreak Hill … thank Tomo.” I crane my head skyward and gulp at the line of runners-turned-walkers-turned-zombies shuffling up the steep… Read More

Jess and I hit the South Island for the holidays. Instead of the usual rigmarole, I thought I’d share some GoPro footage instead… Enjoy! Scott & Jess

This week marks our one year anniversary in New Zealand. When considering this, a year sounds like nothing. A blur of weeks, of seasons, another champagne toast and clink – it’s over. If we’re lucky – meaning the other driver stays awake – we’ll get 40 more of these on average. Fewer years than sips in this water bottle. Better drink it up. For a man without a memory I vividly recall our first… Read More

If it weren’t for the howling wind outside I couldn’t be certain we were back in Wellington. Our Christmas road trip around New Zealand’s south island was so long (the longest vacation of our lives, in fact) that life on the road had become life as usual. Wake up in the campervan. Slide open the curtains. Coffee, oatmeal, peanut butter. Pee on a bush. Drive somewhere epic. Repeat. It was our first Christmas in… Read More

Back into it. The third and final installment of our south island roadie with my sister Kelly and her hubby Adam. To recap we’ve camped Kaikoura and Lake Pukaki, backpacked Mount Cook and recharged in Wanaka. Now for the crescendo: Queenstown. First time for all of us. And while we’re at it, our first time bungy jumping. In true fatalistic fashion we opted for the highest jump in New Zealand: the AJ Hackett Nevis at 400 feet… Read More

You’re entering a half told story. Or more accurately one quarter told, as the action picks up on day two of our south island road trip. With me in the car is Jess, my sister Kelly and bro-in-law Adam. Nobody stunk yet. From the port city of Picton we’ve skirted our way down the arid east coast, passing under Kaikoura’s moody skies. Our ears popped as we turned west and climbed into the southern… Read More

I just wanna dance this past week was so good! My sister Kelly and her husband Adam came to visit us from Cleveland. Seeing our first visitors step off that plane after nine months alone in New Zealand was like seeing Justin’s almond butter arrive in a care package – 100% nutty joy. After a week of bombing it around Wellington, we grabbed the ferry to the south island for our first foray into… Read More

1. CASTLEPOINT  We celebrated Jess’ 33rd birthday with an overnighter at Castlepoint. Castle rock in the distance. Once those cars cleared out, we had the place to ourselves. Looking for dolphins/whales/James Cameron. On my hike to the summit I caught a few surfers dodging sharks. Summit view. Pissed I paid that boater $250 to spell a J for Jess’ birthday and she didn’t even join me 😦 The beach behind Castle rock would be… Read More