Wellington Summer


1. CASTLEPOINT  We celebrated Jess’ 33rd birthday with an overnighter at Castlepoint. Castle rock in the distance. Once those cars cleared out, we had the place to ourselves. Looking for dolphins/whales/James Cameron. On my hike to the summit I caught a few surfers dodging sharks. Summit view. Pissed I paid that boater $250 to spell a J for Jess’ birthday and she didn’t even join me 😦 The beach behind Castle rock would be… Read More

I stare at snowy peaks from my office window. Wellington isn’t the most mountains of cities, compared to New Zealand’s south island or the volcanoes up north — but when winter comes, even the 5,200’ peaks of Tararua Forest Park can look majestic with a dusting of snow. And that snow seduces me. I reached my breaking point this week and cold-be-damned put a plan into action for Jess and I to ascend… Read More

My camera died on day one. From that point I began shooting pics of our weekend trip to Coromandel on my iPhone. Then when I dropped that in the ocean, I turned to Jess’ older iPhone. That said, here’s a look at our weekend in one of the North Island’s top beach destinations. Wednesday we flew from Wellington to Auckland. Same as last weekend in Sydney – I worked while Jess explored… Read More

The Tongariro Alpine Crossing is one of New Zealand’s great walks. At 19.4 kilometers (12 miles), the distance isn’t the killer, so much as the terrain. In 2007, alpine was added to the name by the Department of Conservation to warn flip-flop-wearing tourists of just how unforgiving the terrain can be. Our adventure began in Wellington when Jess picked me up in the campervan. (Details soon!) Our first foray into the bush,… Read More