Wellington Summer


This week marks our one year anniversary in New Zealand. When considering this, a year sounds like nothing. A blur of weeks, of seasons, another champagne toast and clink – it’s over. If we’re lucky – meaning the other driver stays awake – we’ll get 40 more of these on average. Fewer years than sips in this water bottle. Better drink it up. For a man without a memory I vividly recall our first… Read More

The Tongariro Alpine Crossing is one of New Zealand’s great walks. At 19.4 kilometers (12 miles), the distance isn’t the killer, so much as the terrain. In 2007, alpine was added to the name by the Department of Conservation to warn flip-flop-wearing tourists of just how unforgiving the terrain can be. Our adventure began in Wellington when Jess picked me up in the campervan. (Details soon!) Our first foray into the bush,… Read More