Wellington Summer


Hi again from the trail. Saturday I competed in the Xterra Wellington Starlight Run, race number 4 in a series that’s now taken me and my masochistic peers over the searing hills of Red Rocks, into Belmont’s bush, under the towering turbines of West Wind Park, and this weekend, sliding around the muddy tracks of Makara Mountain Bike Park. At 10K, this was the shortest long course of the series. But before… Read More

  I don’t know Tomo but I already don’t like him.  I’m midway through the 18K course at Makara wind farm, race three of XTERRA Wellington’s five-race series. The sun is shining. I’ve just been handed a chocolate fish. But the only feeling that registers comes from a handwritten sign reading “Heartbreak Hill … thank Tomo.” I crane my head skyward and gulp at the line of runners-turned-walkers-turned-zombies shuffling up the steep… Read More