Wellington Summer


If it weren’t for the howling wind outside I couldn’t be certain we were back in Wellington. Our Christmas road trip around New Zealand’s south island was so long (the longest vacation of our lives, in fact) that life on the road had become life as usual. Wake up in the campervan. Slide open the curtains. Coffee, oatmeal, peanut butter. Pee on a bush. Drive somewhere epic. Repeat. It was our first Christmas in… Read More

I stare at snowy peaks from my office window. Wellington isn’t the most mountains of cities, compared to New Zealand’s south island or the volcanoes up north — but when winter comes, even the 5,200’ peaks of Tararua Forest Park can look majestic with a dusting of snow. And that snow seduces me. I reached my breaking point this week and cold-be-damned put a plan into action for Jess and I to ascend… Read More

Phone, keys, wallet… gone. Swept away along with half the contents of my backpack during a disaster river crossing. Thankfully this didn’t happen, but it could have … if we ignored the DOC ranger who advised us against the Pouakai circuit we had planned for the weekend! We drove to Egmont National Park Friday after work. Five hours in the car with Stephen King’s new audiobook Mr. Mercedes. When we arrived at the… Read More